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Biodynamic farming: Like anthroposophic medicine, only on the farm

Rudolf Steiner had a farm, and on that farm he had some woo. It is called biodynamic farming, and what woo it is!

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Yes, Virginia, unlike CAM, science-based medicine does change based on science

“Alternative medicine,” so-called “complementary and alternative medicine” (CAM), or, as it’s become fashionable to call it, “integrative medicine” is a set of medical practices that are far more based on belief than science. As my good bud and collaborator Mark Crislip so pointedly reminded us last week, CAM is far more akin to religion than […]

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Subjecting children to enema “detoxification”

Even though I’ve been at this skeptical blogging thing, particularly about “alternative” medicine, so long (eight years now) that I think I’ve seen it all, that nothing the quacks do can shock me any more. It’s a foolish hubris, I admit, but, I hope, an understandable one after over eight years of blogging multiple times […]

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The return of the microfascists (and their micro brownshirts and microtruncheons)

It’s grant crunch time, as the submission deadline for revised R01s is July 5. However, in a classic example of how electronic filing has actually made things more difficult, the grant has to be done and at the university grant office a week before the deadline if it is to be uploaded in time. So, […]

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Dr. Michael Egnor must really want to operate on my brain or something…

Grant time again! Since today–yes, today!–is the deadline for a rather big grant I’m writing (not quite R01 level, but a respectable three year project if I can get it), I was up until the wee hours of the morning trying to put this sucker to bed. Being the ever-benevolent blogger, though, far be it […]