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More acupuncture quackademic medicine infiltrates PLoS ONE

I hate to do this to Bora again. I really do. I’m also getting tired of blogging all these crappy acupuncture studies. I really am. However, sometimes a skeptic’s gotta do what a skeptic’s gotta do, and this is one of those times. As you may recall, a mere week ago I was disturbed to […]

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When what an acupuncture study shows is much more interesting than what acupuncture believers think it shows

Of all the “alternative” therapies out there, arguably the most studied is the modality known as acupuncture. Perhaps the reason is that, unlike homeopathy, which based on physics, chemistry, and biology alone is so implausible that, for it to “work,” huge swaths of well-established physics and chemistry would have to be shown to be not […]

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Your Friday Dose of Woo: Homeopathy gets needled

I realize that there are two huge target-rich articles out there that my readers have been clamoring for me to comment on. First, there’s a particularly silly and simplistic article by Nicholas Kristof about how it’s supposedly the “toxins” causing autism (an article in which he apparently doesn’t realize that Current Opinions in Pediatrics is […]

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Bringing woo to disaster areas

Almost two years ago, I discovered something that disturbed me greatly. Basically, I learned the story of an Air Force officer named Col. Richard Niemtzow, MD, PhD. Col. Niemtzow is a radiation oncologist who has over the last decade fallen deeply into woo. Specifically, he has become known for a technique that he has dubbed […]

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Subjecting prisoners to quackery

I’ve at times been asked where I come up with my blogging material. Since I’ve become fairly popular, one major source has been readers sending me stories. I often don’t have time to respond, and most of them don’t interest me enough to be motivated to write, but there are enough that do that I […]