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Antivaxxer Levi Quackenboss vs. reality on COVID-19

Antivaxxer Levi Quackenboss is back, and she’s looking on the bright side of the COVID-19 pandemic for antivaxxers. Hilarity ensues.

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“Levi Quackenboss” lays down her “rules of antivaxxing”

Orac’s old “friend,” antivaxer Levi Quackenboss, has laid down the “rules of antivaxxing.” Orac is amused and deconstructs her rules. Can you say “projection”? Sure, I knew you could

Antivaccine nonsense Medicine Quackery

Quoth the antivaxer: “Vaccination is a religion.” Quoth Orac: “Nice projection, there.”

Levi Quackenboss is one of the more oblivious and obtuse antivaxers out there. She demonstrates this again with a clumsy post comparing vaccination to religion.

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Another antivaccine conspiracy theory, flu vaccine edition

An antivaccine blogger is amazed that big pharma has allowed its lackeys in the press to publish negative stories about the flu vaccine. Naturally, she thinks she knows why and sees a conspiracy. Not surprisingly, her conspiracy theory doesn’t make much sense.

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Surprise! John Oliver’s vaccine segment has given antivaxers a sad.

On his most recent Sunday show, John Oliver did a tour de force segment on the antivaccine movement. Not surprisingly, antivaxers are not pleased.

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