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2010: Another bad year for the anti-vaccine movement, as the Special Masters rule

Perhaps you’ve heard of the case of Poul Thorsen. Perhaps not. Either way, that anti-vaccine movement was making a huge deal over this Danish psychiatrist and researcher for two reasons. First, he has become embroiled in some sort of scandal involving research funds at his former place of employment, Aarhus University, leading the ever-hyperbolic Robert […]

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Mercury in vaccines as a cause of autism and ASD: A failed hypothesis

Unfortunately, as we have been dreading for the last four months or so since her relapse was diagnosed, my mother-in-law passed away from breast cancer in hospice. She died peacefully, with my wife and the rest of her family at her side. As you might expect, I do not much feel like blogging. Because I […]

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The Geiers go dumpster-diving yet again

Mark and David Geier, the père et fils duo of antivaccine pseudoscientists once again go dumpster diving in the VAERS database, using it for purposes for which it was not intended to “prove” vaccines cause autism.

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Why not just castrate them?

There are many quack treatments for autism, ranging from the benign and ineffective to the harmful and ineffective. Mark and David Geier have come up with one that’s definitely harmful, chemical castration. I thought I’d seen it all, but this is the vilest quackery I’ve seen yet.